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Kunena Converters

Kunena ConvertersThis component allows you to convert all your forums, topics, messages and users from other components (Agora, ccBoard, Joo!BB, Ninjaforum) to Kunena.

Currently only Agora=>Kunena conversation is done, the others will be added according to users requests. All data will be converted to Kunena 1.5 then you can also upgrade to Kunena 1.6 easily (Kunena 1.6 offers this itself).

We wrote Kunena Converters for our own use on, we'll convert our Support Forums to Kunena 1.6 very soon. We've tested it on localhost and converted everything without any problem.

Kunena 1.5

How to make the conversation
1. Install Kunena 1.5 component
2. Install Kunena Converters component
3. Click any icon in Kunena Converters' control panel


kc-cpanel kc-import