Our New Site

Hi all,

It is time to modernize our website to start changing and here is our new website.

We decided to re-engineer all our products to make them stable, faster and upgradeable. We started with AceShop to re-engineering process and finally it is completed. We replaced our store base with AceShop on this site also.  We will use new site on subdomain until finish development process for all products. Then we will replace main website this one. We will sell only re-engineered products on this website, other products will be selling on old website. 

Thanks for choosing us!

King Regards


New AceShop Released

Hi everyone,

We are too happy to announce New AceShop. We start to re-development process for all products and New AceShop is the first of them. We named it as "New AceShop", because it is not upgrade package and requires clean installation. We started to version number from 1.0.0 for New AceShop. There are many changes on it. It based on latest version of OpenCart It has fully responsive interface on frontend and backend. It has clean library for integration also.