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AceSEF is a powerful and flexible SEF URLs generator for Joomla! that provides an easy-to-use graphical user interface to simplify the generation and management of URLs.

AceSEF Requirements

There are some requirements that your system/server should support:


AceSEF is easily installed as any Joomla component. That should be done through your site's backend.

AceSEF Terminology

Numeral Duplicated URLs, non-SEF variables, disable-SEF variables etc.


In this section you’ll find the global options of AceSEF.


In fact most of AceSEF options/features are included in this section. Each component has its own options.


Here we are in the URL management section where you can add, edit, publish, lock deletion, delete, block rewrite and export each URL. Use this section only for non-SEF-to-SEF redirects, use Moved URLs section for SEF-to-SEF redirects.

Moved URLs

A Moved URL is a HTTP response with 301 Moved Permanently status code and is used for permanent redirection. Use this section only for SEF-to-SEF redirects, use SEF URLs section for non-SEF-to-SEF redirects.


This is a brand new feature of AceSEF 1.3 . You can create a sitemap in XML format for ALL components without any plugin obligation.

Import / Migrate

This is one of the best parts of AceSEF. After you’ve exported AceSEF, sh404SEF or JoomSEF URLs you can easily import them to AceSEF.

Upgrading AceSEF

AceSEF, on control panel, by showing the last and installed versions, provides us convenience to be up-to-date.

AceSEF and IIS

AceSEF works both with Apache and IIS. Here you've some settings you need apply for IIS servers: