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+1 #13 Paul Cotter 2010-01-07 11:28
I just spent most of yesterday messing around with lesser options and Im delighted with this extension ACESEF - it has answered all my problems - cheers guys - and well done - its nice to know when you pay for something it actually does what it says on the tin!!! :lol:
+3 #12 JoomlaBear.com 2009-12-23 01:53
I just had the best support experience I have ever had with anything related to Joomla. I contacted JoomACE via live chat to ask a couple of pre-sales questions – mainly to find out if AceSEF would be able to handle everything I needed for a Joomla/K2 installation.

A polite and courteous individual helped me through all my questions via Live Chat – and very promptly too.

So I went ahead and setup AceSEF and found that a feature I had wanted for SEF and K2 was not working the way I wanted – Please note, not a fault with AceSEF but a special requirement for my site – a URL format that would not be typical for most users (I’m pedantic about these things ;-)

So I got back on the live chat with JoomACE and within minutes their developers were logging into my Joomla installation and adding a new feature to the extension! AMAZING SERVICE!

I can’t recommend this extension highly enough – I’ve used sh404SEF on over 100 Joomla sites that I have built in the past 3 years – But I’m switching to AceSEF – It appears to run faster, and the support… need I say anymore?

Final note – I’ve spent days testing various SEF extensions and hacking the sh404SEF extension for K2 – nothing worked properly – AceSEF solved all my K2 SEF issues out of the box and is the BEST option if you are using K2 and Joomla – in my opinion.
+3 #11 carsten8888 2009-12-23 01:52
thank you thank you thank you!

I just spend 2,5 days trying to get sh404sef and joomsef to do the most basic thing:
make a custom sef-url.

With this extension it was done in an hour.

loving this extension!
+1 #10 wildbuddhaa 2009-12-23 01:52
Recently, I purchased AceSEF. I won't lie, it's a bit of a shock to the system not using Artio or sh404sef anymore at first but I can assure you that shock almost instantly fades away. AceSEF is so supremely user friendly and written with the joomla user's needs in mind that you'll get the hang of it quickly. Adding meta to a URL is easier than ever before. Now you can just go to a meta tab on the same page as the SEF URL info.

My favorite thing about AceSEF is how it works with google indexing. URL changes on my site and the meta info aceSEF automatically creates is indexed faster and more efficiently.

The component being so new I have encountered two URL rewriting problems, but I went to the ACESEF forum and Dennis, the developer, got back to me within 12-24 hours each time. It's also worth noting these weren't big issues by any means. Unlike other developers, Dennis is polite and helpful and goes above and beyond what he needs to in order to get things working for you.

I highly recommend AceSEF at it's current state and have not one iota of doubt this is the next generation of joomla SEF url re-writing.
0 #9 Nancy13 2009-12-23 01:51
I have been working with this for a few days, and found one item that didn't work. Within a few hours, before I even expected a response in the forum, I found an entire upgrade waiting for me. This completely resolved my problem, and I was happily on my way to finish making SEF pages with metatags! I found the interface incredibly detailed, and easy to use. There is even an upgrade button on the control panel to upload and install the new versions....its all here in an easy interface. These folks really care about their product, and after installing dozens of components - this is the experience that got me to enroll and leave a review. Good work, guys!
+1 #8 stalderss 2009-12-23 01:50
Installed, done. I was using a older version of sh404 before which gave me errors with J1.5. Looking for a newer version I found out they went commercial, so I tried this one. I guess, I will stay with it. Thanks for the programming and the beautyful interface.
0 #7 elvisviniciuss 2009-12-23 01:50
Great extension!

Despite not having a cache system as Artio JoomSEF and sh404sef, my site runs much faster with the AceSEF. The management of metadata is fantastic! The URLs generated are great and the possibility of purging the URLs only certain components was a very smart idea.

Simply indispensable!
0 #6 cepsilon 2009-12-23 01:49
I was using another "popular" sef component. It was buggy and incommodious. Now, it's been commercial. Denis Dulici who is AceSef team member has been developing sef extensions. So, he knows other components' deficiencies. Now, there is a real and powerful SEF component: AceSEF. There is free version but you'll upgrade it probably after see the difference. Support is very good. My all requests have been accepted and done. There are lots of extensions. You don't need buy all extensions so it supports also Joomla! core sef. It's 100% modular and has been developing rapidly. Throw away the old and try AceSEF, you won't be regretful!
0 #5 rdeprera 2009-12-23 01:48
The best .... but the SEF plugins for third-party extensions are paid.
If you want to pay for the plugins that you certainly have to use, then buy, that is the best SEF shot.
Better than the Artio JoomSEF and sh404SEF for sure
0 #4 miskairal 2009-12-23 01:47
Well I don't at all understand SEF, SEO etc, all I know is I want my url's to look like they would if I were to write my site myself and this seems to have achieved it with very little effort on my part. I have no weird characters or numbers in my urls and I can tell exactly where I am on the site by the url, it shows the section and category and article title (although you can choose to use article alias instead). There seem to be a whole lot of other things you can do but I'm leaving well enough alone while it's working ;)

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