AceACL 1.5.2 released

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AceACL 1.5.2 released
The version 1.5.2 of the unparalleled Joomla ACL component, AceACL, is now available for download. This release includes some cool new features such as Super User group, Offline Login rule and Advanced Module Manager compatibility.

The Super User group offers you the possibility to allow any user to DO EVERYTHING without any Joomla Access Control.

The Offline Login rule offers you the possibility to define which group/user can login your back-end and/or front-end when your site is offline.

Another cool feature of this release is the FULL compatibility with Advanced Module Manager so now you can use the assignments of Advanced Module Manager and Access Control of AceACL.

We're also working hard on the Joomla 1.7 version of AceACL. Currently it is in beta stage and will be available for download very soon.

What is new in AceACL 1.5.2

+ : Super User group
+ : Offline login rule
+ : Ability to change the error message, extension based
+ : Option to not show the error message at all, extension based
+ : Appended the Category/Item ID to Title in permissions page
+ : Advanced Module Manager compatibility
# : Incompatibility with Legacy plugin
# : SEF URL duplicated on fail

Demo: (we're working on it, try the free version)

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