AceSEF 1.2.1 released!

on Friday, 13 November 2009. Posted in News Item Hits 7811

After not even a week, there is another version of AceSEF - the new SEF URL and metadata generating SEO component for Joomla!. Again, it introduces several new major features. Most important is the new Extensions user-interface that includes automatic upgrades. Also Extensions and Routers pages has been united to simplify the management.

We consider this version as the most stable-mature version of AceSEF so users are highly recommended to upgrade to this version. Do not forget to uninstall ALL 3-rd party extensions, dowload the new versions and install them again.
From this version extensions upgrades will be performed automaticly without the need to uninstall-install them. 

AceSEF 1.2.1 Features
  • + : Option to save duplicated SEF URLs or not
  • + : Upgrading extensions automaticly ( free extensions directly, commercial extensions with Download-ID )
  • + : Language filter in URL Repository
  • ^ : Extensions and Routers pages united
  • ^ : Meta desc and Meta kewords fileds increased
  • # : Internal Links effecting ALL site ( even menu items ), changed to only content
  • # : Missing component name in URL with some components
  • # : Exporting/Importing AceSEF URLs
  • # : Double // slash issue
  • # : 404 error page because of special chars in meta tags
  • # : www Redirect not working properly
  • # : Some minor bugs

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