AceSEF 1.5.13 released

on Monday, 03 January 2011. Posted in Releases Item Hits 4424

Dear AceSEF users, 

We've just released AceSEF 1.5.13 . This version includes major enhancements such as using database to store configuration instead of the configuration.php file.

We've also fixed the issue that required to enter Download-ID to upgrade free extensions which was caused by our new Download/Payment system.

What is new in AceSEF 1.5.13:
# : Requiring Download-ID for free extensions upgrade
^ : Now using database to store configuration settings
^ : Timeout for version checker
^ : Generate URLs from back-end feature improved
- : configuration.php file

As you can see, we've also solved the issue of not loading back-end when is down because of version checker.

We've done strict tests (even on our live site) for the upgrade process and had 0 issues. However, we do highly recommend to backup your site before upgrading to 1.5.13 because of the AceSEF configuration changes. Also, you can always downgrade to a previous version by just uploading the previous version into Upgrade page of AceSEF.

Bottom line, if you're using the K2 Metadata plugin for AceSEF then you should upgrade it too


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