AceSEF 1.5.15 released

on Thursday, 17 February 2011. Posted in Releases, AceSEF Item Hits 6522

Dear AceSEF users,

As I said in my last blog post about AceSEF releases, the next releases cycle will be longer and it was (about 1.5 months). Now we have a new version which fixes a couple of bugs and adds some new features that improves the usability of AceSEF.

What is new in AceSEF 1.5.15:
# : Issues with "Nofollow external URLs" feature
# : Not saving some configuration options
# : Errors while upgrading from AceSEF 1.3
# : Not logging 404 records in 404 log file
# : Problem with loading the language file of the component
# : Not generating automatic Metadata in some circumstances
# : Locked URLs can be deleted from URLs page
# : Some minor bugs
>+ : Option to use the default Joomla 404 page
+ : Delete 404 URL after added to Moved URLs
+ : Option to delete the related Metadata and Sitemap record if the SEF URL is deleted
^ : MySQL 5.5 compatibility
^ : Prevent recording URLs which does not start with index.php in Real URL
- : "404 errors log file" field removed from configuration

One of the new features is that now you've an option to be able to delete the related Metadata & Sitemap record if you delete any SEF URL. As you may know, the SEF URL, Metadata & Sitemap records are related but not the same so normally if you delete a SEF URL the Metadata & Sitemap record still remains there.

Also, as per AceSEF users request, now AceSEF will automatically remove the 404 URL if you create a Moved (301) URL from 404 URLs page.

The last improvements are the MySQL 5.5 compatibility and the removal of 404 log file field because now AceSEF will create automatically the file and store 404 logs into the "logs/acesef_404.log" file if you've enabled it from AceSEF configuration.

What next?
The next task is the stable release of AceSEF 1.6 compatible with Joomla 1.6 and of course, you won't have to wait months for that, it will be released within 1 week.

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