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Written by Engin Yilmaz on Saturday, 12 September 2009. Posted in JoomAce Item Hits 9275

We're looking for translators to translate our AceSEF component, expecially in these languages:

- Finnish
- Hindi (Indonesian)
- Netherlands
- Romanian
- Thai (Thailand)

Language file has 358 phrases, is well-organized and is compatible with Translations Manager component.
We'll give AceSEF Plus 6 or 2 AceSEF extensions as gift to each translator

You can use our Forums or Contact form if you're interested.

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Engin Yilmaz

Engin Yilmaz

This is Engin. I Founder & CEO of JoomAce LLC.  I met Joomla in 2005 when it is called Mambo. Inıtialy we have designed some of websites with my team after that we thought why should be better SEO (AceSEF), better shopping cart (AceShop) and another AceSearch, AcePolls, AceFTP, AceACL, AceSQL and my team developed all extensions in time. We make extension development for Joomla and we manage some of community websites in the Turkey. If you have any help all JoomAce team ready to serve you.