301 redirection from with index.php to without URLs

This can be done using .htaccess file.

404 error on popups

Try this plz, go to AceSEF=>Configuration=>Advanced=>Base href value and set to "Use homepage"

500 error after renaming htaccess file

If you see error "500 - Internal server error" generated by your webserver after you have installed the AceSEF component or after you did some adjustments in your .htaccess file, there is probably some misspelling or invalid configuration in the .htaccess file, or the .htaccess file usage is not allowed in your environment.

"Class 'JoomFishManager' not found" error

This happens when you have uninstalled JoomFish but some folders have not been removed.

$live_site variable of configuration.php

Joomla! tries to automatically detect your web site root URL (ie: http://www.joomace.net) by itself because this information is needed in many operations, especially those dealing with making links and URLs.

AceSEF and IIS

AceSEF works both with Apache and IIS. Here you've some settings you need apply for IIS servers:

AceSEF does not work with JoomFish

Go to Extensions -> Plugins and check that the System - Jfrouter plugin is disabled.

AceSEF doesnt work with SOBI2

If SOBI2 URLs are giving 404 error then go to : SOBI2->General Configuration->Cache->Second Level Cache and set it to NO

Can I use AceSEF on Zeus server?

Of course, please, apply the following instructions:

Can't edit URLs, tabs not in their places

Go to AceSEF=>Configuration=>URLs=>Advanced=>Enable Source Tracker and set it to No then purge the problematic URLs.

Contact Us form generates 500 error

In fact the issue is not coused neither by Contact nor by AceSEF but by your template. To solve it:

Direct Access to this location is not allowed

This error comes out if any of the extensions you've installed is not 1.5 Native compatible, even if it seems that it is. Of course that this extension is not AceSEF, if so you would get this error message : "Restricted access".

Generate URLs function not working

The old style (still used by other SEF components) SEF URL generation method for Joomla is to browse your site starting from home page.

Home menu link does not work with JoomFish

If click on the Home button you get redirected to your main language instead of the currently language. This is caused by the mod_mainmenu or the custom menu module of your template provider.

HTML anchors are not working, missing images or other resources

Please note, that if base href generation is used, then all relative anchors, such as just "#anchor", or all other resources using relative paths (such as "/images/myimg.png" or "myfiles/file1.pdf") are automatically translated with the base href URL.

I can't find homepage SEF URL

This happens if you've assigned any component other than Content (Articles) as "Default" menu item.

I can't save AceSEF configuration

This is a JavaScript incompatibility of Joomla 1.5. Enable the "System - Mootools Upgrade" plugin.

I have too much 404 errors, how to learn the source

As you can see from this article, the source of 404 error may be different.

Is the plugins order important

Yes sir/madam, the plugins order is very important for AceSEF.

List layout instead of Blog layout & Duplicated URLs

This known as "Duplicated URLs" issue and happens because there exists 2 links to the content/category in your site - 1 with category list layout and the other with blog layout.