With Multi Store you can launch hundreds of online stores using a single integrated system. You can create unique online stores for multiple brands, product sets, B2B, B2C, affiliates, franchises, employee stores, co-branded stores and more. You can also quickly launch micro-stores for promotional campaigns. Best of all, every online store shares a single database.

AyelShop has multi-store abilites which allow you to manage multiple stores from one admin interface. There are many advantages in being able to set up multiple stores:

  • Stores can be shown as a sub-domain ( or another domain (
  • Theme each store differently to match the products that are being sold.
  • Set products to appear on specific stores.
  • Localise each store by setting a different default language, currency and tax class.
  • You can set different prices for each store you have setup.
  • Setup a default customer group for each store allowing you to have some stores setup for retail customers and others as wholesale.