AceSEF 1.5.14 is out

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Dear AceSEF users.

After a short time from the latest release, we have just released another improved version of AceSEF component. The most important change of this version is the low priority security fix. We're calling it as low because the "hacker" have to be logged in back-end so he could apply it.

AceSEF 1.5.13 released

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Dear AceSEF users,

We've just released AceSEF 1.5.13 . This version includes major enhancements such as using database to store configuration instead of the configuration.php file.

We've also fixed the issue that required to enter Download-ID to upgrade free extensions which was caused by our new Download/Payment system.

Merry Christmas

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Introducing our new Download/Payment System

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It has gone over one and a half year since we've started selling paid subscriptions for our extensions. We've tried different Joomla components for selling paid subscriptions/downloads and finally used VirtueMart, a popular e-commerce component, for over a year.

In the course of time we've faced a lot of problems; unending bugs of VirtueMart because of it's slow development, old/hacking style code base, very hard to manage/search orders, not able to define different limit for each subscription and lack of lot of features etc. which has obligated us many times to modify the code ourself.

AceSEF Beer Days

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Dear users,

Since October 2010, we are going to arrange AceSEF Beer (Free) Days every month. In these days, we are going to give out several coupon codes which you will get AceSEF and/or it's extensions for FREE, as beer.

sh404SEF, JoomSEF and AceSEF - Part 2

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It has gone over a year since I wrote the first comparison table for sh404SEF, JoomSEF and AceSEF components.

One year is a really long time in this age and many things can be changed from the scratch, like AceSEF 1.5. So I felt myself compelled to update the comparison table for these components according to their latest releases.

Looking for translators for AceSEF 1.5

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We're looking for translators to translate our new AceSEF 1.5 component. The language file is well-organized and is compatible with Translations Manager component.

We'll give AceSEF Pro 6 or 4 AceSEF extensions as gift to each translator. You can use our Forums or Contact form if you're interested.

Xmap, Joomap, SEF SM 2 and AceSEF

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After making the introduction of AceSEF 1.5 in my previos post, now I'm going to present you the comparison table between Xmap, Joomap, SEF SM 2 and AceSEF as sitemap components. Here we go...

Introducing AceSEF 1.5

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Today I'm really excited to announce one of the most anticipated extensions for Joomla: AceSEF 1.5! I know some of you waited quite a while for this announcement. This is the start of a blog post series about the new AceSEF 1.5. Today I want to give you some insight into the AceSEF 1.5 development and changes in the upcoming version.

AceSEF 1.3.8 is out

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Dear AceSEF users.
We have just released another improved version of AceSEF component. New version removes the most painful requirement for automatic upgrade, fopen function, and fixes known bugs.